Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook

КОД : 10029066
Aвтор: R.C. Atkins
Издателство: Evans and Co
ISBN : 087131794X
Страници: 247
Наличност: OK
In 1972, Atkins became a household name with his bestselling book, The Diet Revolution . In it, he claimed that to induce rapid weight loss one need only follow a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet--carbs were the culprit in keeping people overweight. Twenty years later, he published Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, continuing to maintain that weight gain had little to do with fat intake--a controversial conviction. His latest work is a cookbook designed as a companion to the 1992 volume, and promising to provide the most "mouth-watering meals for the most effective diet ever devised. In case readers are unfamiliar with his weight-loss program, Atkins describes its four stages and offers a selection of sample menus. Recipes range from the simple (hard-boiled eggs) to appetizers, salads, meats and poultry. No-holds-barred desserts call for heavy cream, eggs, sour cream and butter, despite Atkins's claims, his is not always light cooking. In the end, it's the desserts that illustrate the absurdities of the Atkins program: a recipe for cheesecake is chock full of cream cheese, eggs and creme fraiche, yet the final ingredient is 12 packets of a sugar substitute. Good cuisine has always rooted itself firmly in luxurious fat, " writes Atkins in his introduction. Really?

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